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Aus vielerlei Hinsicht mehr als lesenswerter Artikel über einen tragischen Einsatz in der Bronx an dem Tag als sechs Feuerwehrleute des FDNY aus dem Fenster sprangen:

The flames formed a wall between the men and the apartment door.
Walking out was no longer an option. Meyran called in a Mayday and he
and Gene Stolowski and Cawley stuck their heads outside for air. At the
windows next to them were two guys from Rescue 3 Jeff Cool and Joe
DiBernardo. They had lost track of the sixth man John Bellew. It was
17 degrees outside but even as their faces were freezing the men felt
a scorching heat on their backs. Leaning out they could see a fire
escape two windows away—but it was too far for them to jump.


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