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Thomas M. Kuhn ein fwnetzler und Journalist hat einen offenen Brief an den türkischen Botschafter in Berlin verfasst den ich nachfolgend wiedergebe. (Eine frührere Fassung des Textes befindet sich hier als Kommentar)  (sc)

Sehr geehrter Herr Botschafter İrtemçelik

Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador İrtemçelik

please apologize for my writing in English. But as I am not capable of speaking and writing in Turkish and I read on your website that English and French are the foreign languages you speak I chose English.

Let me express my deepest compassion and regret for the terrible death toll as well as injuries that families from your home country have suffered during the horrifying blaze in Ludwigshafen. Being a father and husband myself my heart is deeply touched by the losses so many men women and children are now having to cope with. Flowers at the scene as well as the collection of donations organized by the local communities cannot bring back anyone who died. But they may be an expression of the collective grief and charity of the people in Ludwigshafen.

So far no evidence has been secured whether the fire was caused by an accident bad luck or even an attack. Against the background of earlier xenophobic incidents that have happened in Germany over the past years I fully support the statement of the Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Tayyip Erdoğan „Let's hope that there will not be a second Solingen!“ This would even increase the disaster – and it would discredit all those Germans who put a lot of efforts in a harmonious and good neighbourly relationship between people of German and Turkish origin.

But there is one thing that worries me outstandingly in the behaviour of some members of the Turkish community in Ludwigshafen. According to news reports as well as statements from the head of the local police Mr. Wolfgang Fromm there has been at least one attack from a Turkish man against a member of the Ludwigshafen fire brigade*.

Moreover vehicles of the fire fighters have been spat at – a sigh of strongest disrespect. Those who fought against the flames and saved lots of lives under danger of life are now under attack themselves and have to be guarded by the police now. What an disgusting development especially against the background that during the rescue efforts 18 members of the police as well as rescue services were injured themseves – risking their lives to save others'.

That is not only ridiculous. It also casts a damning light on the Turkish community in general as well as on those who survived the disaster. I don't do it but be assured that in the general perception the image of the Turkish community will be enduringly damaged by such incidents.

In a situation where those who came to help are now being mobbed by Turkish people it should be the loud voice of the Turkish ambassador who clearly takes position against any kind of harassment and aggression against the Ludwigshafen fire brigade and rescue personnel.

Let us all provide for the risk that the broad grief in Germany over the tragedy and the dead is soiled by the misbehaviour of a few Turkish fools. [Autor: Thomas M. Kuhn]


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  1. einsatzfoto am 7. Februar 2008 17:34

    wow, so toll möchte ich auch mal englisch können.
    Eine auf deutsch übersetzte Variante zum nachlesen wäre nicht schlecht.
    Der Inhalt? Den unterschreibe ich glatt!

  2. Toemmel am 7. Februar 2008 17:58

    Danke für die Blumen. ;o)

    Ich poste die Rück-Übersetzung später am Tag mal in unter FWnetzBlogger.