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(iw) Wer des Englischen mächtig ist, sei folgender Artikel über das Wesen der Serienbrandstifter empfohlen:

Serial arson fires account for 15% of all arson fires, but are some of the most destructive. Once arsonists start setting fires, they get a sense of power or control. One offender talked about sitting on a hill and watching the fire trucks and turmoil, getting a sense of power so strong that they had never felt anything like it in their life(…)

The serial arsonist is remarkably similar to the serial killer – according to the FBI’s psychological profile, they both are loners, who have difficulties cultivating and staying in relationships. They have spotty work history, and are often alcoholics, and often have disabilities or skin disorders.

Inklusive Brandstifter bei der Feuerwehr:

Unfortunately, volunteer firefighters are the primary model for firefighters-gone-arsonist because there is less scrutiny when they are hired on. These types of arsonists set the fire and then become the hero- report it, evacuate the building, then watch at the sidelines or dive into the fire for excitement. They are getting inadvertent and warped attention by experiencing the fire.

Vielleicht hat jemand Lust, diesen Artikel einzudeutschen? Ich find’s spannend.


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